Panorama – Above the fog

Together with the product designers from OHA, lighting designer Matthias Singer (507nanometer) and the swings by Hutschn from Berchtesgadener Land, we immersed the Tilo Schulz Room in the Luitpoldblock in a sphere of light, fog and movement.

Sit on it, push off and swing away. Hover over the fog and let the light installment take effect on you. The colours change and new perspectives emerge again and again. Your feet dangle in the air, the wind whistles through your hair and the feeling of easygoing joy and freedom sets in. Just let your soul unwind and feel the child in yourself. It can be so simple. And this is exactly the power behind it – a pleasure that frees the mind and solves the everyday problems.

Many thanks to the great team of Luitpoldblock, Sami and Jan from OHA in cooperation with Matthias Singer and the Hutschn for their unique, handmade swings and their dedication during the assembly.