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Act local buy nearBees

Act local buy nearBees

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Climate change, invasive parasites and the increasing use of pesticides have led to a decline of bees worldwide. As a result, global initiatives and grass roots movements have begun to emerge to preserve bees and raise awareness for the importance of a bee-friendly environment. Environmental protection, sustainability, local and conscious consumption, this is the vision of nearBees. With more beekeepers, we have more bees, and with more bees we have more diversity in nature!

nearbees makers bible

Based on this philosophy, nearBees connects consumers and beekeepers via an online marketplace. Without time-consuming research, honey lovers can seek local product right in their neighborhood and directly purchase honey from a nearby beekeeper. In this way they are supporting local businesses instead of reaching for cheap, imported options in the supermarket. This is a win-win situation for all, where everyone can do their share in stopping the decline of bees – for a blooming and livable neighborhood.

“With nearBees we aim to fight against the shrinking bee population as one of the most urgent problems of our time.”, Viktoria, one of the founders, explains. Keeping bees has a long tradition in her family. Having fostered colonies for more than six years, she is upholding this tradition. Confronted with the 
labor-intensive selling of her own honey, she started to analyze the changes in coexistence between mankind and the bee. The outcome was nearBees.

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To make honey distribution financially attractive they invented a new packaging: the nearBees honey pouch. Packed up flat in an envelope the honey is sent via mail, with a minimum of shipping costs and material consumption. “By only sourcing local honey, everybody can do their part to stop the decline of bees. For more beekeepers, more bees and the preservation of a blooming and beautiful nature!” Viktoria describes the positive impact of local honey consumption. Projects like nearBees share the common goal of spreading awareness of the importance of bees and educating customers on the double impact they can have by buying local honey. By buying local, you become an ambassador for the presence of bees in your region – bees that carry out essential pollination and produce rich tasting, healthy and natural raw honey.

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