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Bassano del Grappa revised

Bassano del Grappa revised

Bassano del Grappa is a rather small city under the foothills of the Italian Alps. We like to call it the goldmine in the heart of Veneto – besides being a beautiful city, it’s a great place for shopping and eating. In the production process of Makers Bible we went there to meet social media expert and brand consultant Leonardo Nave of Casa & Bottega and store owner Mario Bonamigo who runs M.BNMG shops. Part of that first experience is available in this short film.

The relationship with Mario and Leonardo has lead to further contacts in the town of Bassano. Did you know that one of Europe’s most beautiful book stores is in Bassano? Libreria Palazzo Roberti hosted the late-lounge of our first book. The building was actually the home-stay for Ceasar Napoleon when he stormed over Europe. Even he could not pass the city without enjoying it!

Again, Leonardo and Mario connected us to Cucina Teochef a restaurant in Bassano that is unlike any place we Northerners expected when they took us for diner to this Italian place. Did we say Italian? Venetian is more correct: Sample the tastes that are admittingly and admiringly on the meat side.

Do you actually want to know where his meat is coming from? then you have to visit this place near Bassano: Fontana (Meat) Brothers are actually butchers that slaughter their own meat, beef preferably.