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Bayerische Staatsforsten

Bayerische Staatsforsten

Forestry is a generational task, because the forest is the source of all life.

Go to the forest. It will benefit you. The forest is such a diverse and complex system that we would like to take this opportunity to point out a few special features of our forests. In Bavaria, 30 percent of the forest area is owned by the Bavarian state. The patron, user and protector of the forest is the Bayerische Staatsforsten, headquartered in Regensburg.

The forest is the basis of life. First of all for us humans, the oxygen we breathe is created here, the water we drink is stored and purified here. The forest is a source of energy. Measured in kilowatts, but also metaphysically, the forest invigorates the soul. It is also a refuge and habitat for wildlife, birds and insects, and even bees.

Protection and utilization take place on the same area. Special protected areas such as natural forest reserves or natural forests, where nature is allowed to develop as far as possible without human intervention, are exempt from use. Otherwise, visitors to the same area will find trees that are (supposed to be) harvested next to dead wood, i.e. dead trees that are left standing as a breeding ground for birds and a habitat for insects.

The employees of the Bayerische Staatsforsten are responsible for the management, harvesting, reforestation and maintenance of the Bavarian state forests. Hunters ensure that game is observed and recorded and, through hunting, that the game population is adapted to the respective habitat. For some years now, the smallest employees have been purposefully placed bee colonies, which even in the forest, where 90 percent of all plant species of all plant species reproduce only through pollination.

Another task of the nearly 2,600 employees is the maintenance of trails. Apart from forestry vehicles, these trails provide access for people seeking recreation. You can think of the reverse conclusion: You should not necessarily walk through the forest off the trails, because just budding plants and small animals live where you step.