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Bernhard Heinloth

Bernhard Heinloth

About trees and inner values.

Bernhard Heinloth is the second managing director at Schotten & Hansen alongside Torben Hansen since 2015. At the Schotten & Hansen manufactory, a different way of working wood into floors and interior products is cultivated. The individual characteristics of all wood surfaces in form and color are extra emphasized and accentuated there. The material wood thus retains something of the aura of its origin and carries it further into architecture. The natural and traditional processing method creates healthy and aesthetically demanding rooms.

Who better to impart wood knowledge to us than this wood expert when we send our readers “into the wood”? Knowledge opens the view. The forest and its diversity have fascinated Bernhard Heinloth since his childhood – for the man born and raised in Munich, the forest represents a balance. His first school jobs took Bernhard into the beloved woods at an early age. After graduating from high school, he studied forestry in Weihenstephan. During his studies he passed the hunting exam. While working as a forestry trainee for the Bavarian State Forests, he switched to a solid wood panel manufacturer in the Allgäu region, where he contributed his knowledge as plant manager of two locations.

During this time, as a supplier to Schotten & Hansen, he met Torben Hansen. They developed and realized joint projects – and besides the existing passion for wood, an enduring friendship. In 2014, Bernhard Heinloth moved to Schotten & Hansen, where a high degree of open-mindedness, creativity and his knowledge of materials are essential to finding the perfect solutions for challenging construction projects. The family man continues to find a balance to his working life in the forests of the Alpine foothills: “In private, wood means to slow down and to be allowed to take time. Working with wood is also something special for me: selecting it, processing it and discovering its beauty, but also increasing its value. The fascination for it accompanies me all my life.”