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The white marble quarried at Lasa Marmo is literally a piece of South Tyrol for…

Makers Bible on Tour - Ammersee Bodensee

On tour: From Ammersee to Bodensee

We set out with our latest guide in hand to visit makers and crafters from…

Sommerfrische – Fine hotels and mountain retreats

Starting with the Makers Bible “The Alps”, we decided to look beyond workshops and studios,…

Potted Beats – Udaipur, India

In February we went to Udaipur , also known as the “City of Lakes” (James…

McNutt of Donegal – Weavers on the edge of Europe

Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg was founded by the Bavarian royal family 260 years ago. We had the pleasure to visit the traditional workshops.

Munich to Lana

From Munich to Lana – A trip to South Tyrol

On the occasion of the appearance of the latest Makers Bible we made a small extra edition and got on an alpine route from Munich to Lana that links heartland Europe to the Mediterranean. We picked some highlights out of the book and lined them up for a wonderful roadtrip.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Manufacturing of the legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The Makers Bibles are manifesti of quality, passion and craftsmanship. These three factors are the criteria that we apply when curating makers and brands for our high-quality books and our web-journal on makersbible.com.

Bühelwirt in South Tyrol

„The Alps“ where to stay. Bühelwirt in South Tyrol / Ahrntal

Modern Alpine Architecture. The Bühelwirt in the South Tyrolean Ahrntal is an example of what we had in mind when we decided to include hotels and accommodations in the next edition of the Makers Bible.

Edinburgh Makers Bible

Field Research Trip to Edinburgh

Weekend in Edinburgh. Actually a four-day trip. Ten people in a an airbnb apartment. How did we get here? And why?


Indigo textile dying at Blaudruckerei Koó

Blaudruck is a traditional method of textile dying with indigo. Actually the word printing (Druck) is confusing since the textile is dyed with indigo, not printed.