Makers Bible – Human Space

Human Space – 101 interior design brands

Human Space deals with interiors in which we like to spend time voluntarily. We appreciate uniqueness, imperfection and the knowledge that certain pieces in our surroundings are made by human hands. This human touch is the common thread that connects all makers in this book.

Makers Bible - Beyer’s Oil

Beyer’s Oil Beard & Hair Pomade

Basti Beyer is a true Bavarian man image (“Bayerisches Mannsbild”). A full-bearded Upper Bavarian from…

Makers Bible - Blaumann Jeanshosen

Blaumann Jeanshosen

Blaumann Jeanshosen are the first denims produced in Germany again after a once strong industry…

Gantlights - Makers Bible

C Series Marble by GANTlights

Architectural interior lights made in an old bakery in Berlin-Rixdorf. The Product. Gantlights are truly manufactured…

Makers Bible Ankermesser Set Moritz Wenz

Ankermesser Set by Moritz Wenz Studio

Moritz Wenz has curated this knive set: A man’s essential for all use and one…

Le Majordome Nico Pesko

Hiking Boot II by Le Majordome x Nico Pesko

With the expertise in producing fine, hand–made footwear from Le Majordome and the fashionable, alpine…

Makers Bible - 36061 Zipcode

Italian Shirts by 36061 ZIPCODE

Shirts with exceptional tailoring quality from Bassano. Personal note: Makers Bible has a thing going for…

Leica TL2

TL2 + vintage Summicron M by Leica

State-of-the-art digital Camera meets vintage 50mm lens. Personal note: I was never much a photographer when…

Makers Bible visiting Racing Atelier

Backpack #1 by Racing Atelier

A product for a lifetime. The Product. Enjoy the simplicity of an item that you use…

Dieter Braun - The World of the Mountains

Mountains of the World by Dieter Braun

This book stood at the beginning of our desktop research when we were starting to…