Big cheese

The Sennerei Andeer, a small but world-renowned alpine dairy in the Swiss canton of Graubünden …

Acapulco Chair at Makers Bible

The Evolution of a Classic – Carefully extending the Acapulco chair line

Most real furniture design classics have gone with the times by adopting contemporary materials or…

Hutschn - Makers Bible

Handmade swings by Hutschn

Since each HUTSCHN is made of a different piece of wood, you will always swing on a unique piece. Branches, adhesions and wormholes are natural features of the product and provide a distinctive feel and look.

E2 by Zuriga

If you prefer cappuccino to espresso, the machine from Zurich lacks a trunk for frothing milk. Is an excellent espresso that you long for, combine memories with and enjoy as the first drink in the morning, the machine with the elephant in the logo is an outstanding object.

Mezcal Atenco

100% Mezcal

Admittedly, we saw the label and knew that the stuff inside would be above average,…

Makers Bible Kohl Bergapfelsäfte

Pure apple delight for gourmets by Kohl Bergapfelsaft

The Product. How do apples do so well at a height of almost 1,000 metres? Apples,…

Merz b. Schwanen - Makers Bible Featured Product

Model 215 Army T-shirt by Merz b. Schwanen

Finest Cotton working-class shirts made again on the Swabian Alp The Product. This model 215 Army…

Stauds Vienna Wien

Pickled Vegetables by Staud´s Vienna

The Sour stuff from Vienna – trick and treat The Product. Pepperoni, pickled gurken, aspargus, beetroot:…

Unteregger Cosmetics - Makers Bible

Whey Cosmetics from the Alps by Unteregger

Natural mountain cosmetics based on goat milk’s whey. Whey is a very useful and valuable…

Makers Bible - Beyer’s Oil

Beyer’s Oil Beard & Hair Pomade

Basti Beyer is a true Bavarian man image (“Bayerisches Mannsbild”). A full-bearded Upper Bavarian from…