Makers Bible - Blaumann Jeanshosen

Blaumann Jeanshosen

Blaumann Jeanshosen are the first denims produced in Germany again after a once strong industry…

Gantlights - Makers Bible

C Series Marble by GANTlights

Architectural interior lights made in an old bakery in Berlin-Rixdorf. The Product. Gantlights are truly manufactured…

Makers Bible Ankermesser Set Moritz Wenz

Ankermesser Set by Moritz Wenz Studio

Moritz Wenz has curated this knive set: A man’s essential for all use and one…

Le Majordome Nico Pesko

Hiking Boot II by Le Majordome x Nico Pesko

With the expertise in producing fine, hand–made footwear from Le Majordome and the fashionable, alpine…

Makers Bible - 36061 Zipcode

Italian Shirts by 36061 ZIPCODE

Shirts with exceptional tailoring quality from Bassano. Personal note: Makers Bible has a thing going for…

Leica TL2

TL2 + vintage Summicron M by Leica

State-of-the-art digital Camera meets vintage 50mm lens. Personal note: I was never much a photographer when…

Makers Bible visiting Racing Atelier

Backpack #1 by Racing Atelier

A product for a lifetime. The Product. Enjoy the simplicity of an item that you use…

Dieter Braun - The World of the Mountains

Mountains of the World by Dieter Braun

This book stood at the beginning of our desktop research when we were starting to…

Makers Bible – The Alps

Makers Bible – The Alps. 101 brands from the valleys & rocks.

Making this book has been a fantastic journey – and it shows. Welcome to our third edition. This time we curated Makers of the Alps.