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Creative Alps

Creative Alps

The three B’s of Creative Alps, Jens Badura, Matthias Bunsen and Andreas Bunsen, had to meet almost inevitably. Having set out from different valleys, their routes crossed from time to time on a project-by-project basis until they opened the first chapter of their joint touring book in the Alps. The three partners manage and are responsible for Creative Alps.

The Alps: not only a highly attractive tourist destination, but also a living and economic space with a long tradition and history. Creative Alps functions as a thinking and dialogue laboratory that explores the changes in the economy and society in the Alpine region. Here, new narratives for a sustainable development of the alpine region are created, which are then tested in different formats and networks.

Through cooperation with local and regional partners, with universities, cultural institutions and cultural festivals in the Alpine region, as well as with alpine political organizations, Creative Alps is not only well connected, but at the same time a networker and communication hub for alpine idea transit. For Creative Alps, the Alps are a source of inspiration and a field of experimentation for montane-urban ways of thinking and living. What constitutes a creative milieu in mountain regions? What role does the special proximity to traditions from customs and crafts play? Which possibilities, synergies and stimulations arise for an exchange between mountain areas and urban space? The trio will accompany companies and institutions from the private, public and social sectors on the path from the creative idea to its implementation.

If you want to get to know a region, you have to get to know its people, culture and nature. These three facets are reflected in architecture, for example: it represents the identity of the respective place and situation. A tangible example will be the Kulturhof Stanggaß, where the Creative Alps think tank will move in from 2021.

In our new guide about handmade quality in the foothills of the Alps you will find the tips of the three B’s how to discover and experience a change of perspective and the philosophy of Creative Alps.