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Hiking Boot II by Le Majordome x Nico Pesko

Hiking Boot II by Le Majordome x Nico Pesko

Le Majordome Nico Pesko

With the expertise in producing fine, hand–made footwear from Le Majordome and the fashionable, alpine and sporty mindset of Nico Pesko the idea of the Hiking Boot II was born.

Le Majordome Nico Pesko

The Product. With its sturdy Vibram rubber sole, Norwegian welt and strong hooks the Hiking Boot II by Le Majordome x Nico Pesko matches the needs for extended walks in the mountains and is suitable for the urban jungle.

For Nico, the shoe’s actual “mountability” plays a very important role – therefor the Vibram sole and the lacing inspired by a classic functional mountain boot. For the colorway in navy, Italian calfskin in combination with a delicate deerskin was used. For the sportier versions the guys from Le Majordome went for vegetable-tanned cowhide in combination with naturally grained bull skin leather. The sole is constructed with a Norwegian frame seam. That means, the frame is pierced laterally from the outside and is attached to the insole.

The attention and love for details at this contemporary shoe with a lot of personality is manifested in the three different elements of lacing and that the laces itself come in different colorways for example.

The Brand. Each visit at Le Majordome starts with a dialogue. The team around Gian-Luca Cavigelli identifies your individual needs and decides how to meet them best. For this special Hiking Boot edition, they partnered up with Nico Pesko who runs the label Nico Pesko #1476metersaboveordinary up on Lenzerheide and is also a partner at Alferano Pesko & Co, the address in Zürich for sophisticated fashion, beautiful accessories and things. The place where the collaboration for the boot started.

Le Majordome Nico Pesko

Le Majordome
When Gian-Luca started the project Le Majordome in 2012 and opened their very first store in the Marktgasse 4 in Zurich’s Oldtown, they had three clear ideas in their mind: Firstly, maintaining a personal contact with customers and always having their needs at the heart of their craftsmanship. Secondly, satisfying highest demands in terms of the materials and their production. And thirdly to create classic and contemporary shoes that gently carry a personal signature. Some things changed since 2012. Gian-Luca and his team at Le Majordome opened a second shop at the Rue de Lausanne in Fribourg and they moved from Marktgasse to Josefstrasse and then to Nüschelerstrasse in the heart of Zurich city center. When you visit them in the shop, you immediately realize what it’s all about: service, quality and aesthetics.

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Nico Pesko
Find out more about Nico, his hometown Lenzerheide and the shop he runs up there in our newest edition of the Makers Bible – Quality, Passion and Craftsmanship out of “The Alps”.

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