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In harmony with nature

In harmony with nature

Alois Lageder masterfully demonstrates what makes a traditional farm and how to make the transition to the future. For generations, the family has observed nature and the land and correctly interpreted the signs of the times.

In the 1990s, Alois Lageder’s rethinking began: from conventional viticulture to true biodynamics. This has made the estate famous. Right now, the family farm is making another leap: wine and livestock farming in one. Cattle and sheep do not stay in the barn in winter, but graze among the vines.

Since then, more different herbs grow again, which increases the number of beneficial insects and at the same time reduces pests. The oxen live for up to four years between the summer pasture and the winter vines.

Indisputably, Lageder wines are among the best that South Tyrol has to offer. Word of the excellent menu at the Paradeis should also have spread. Ultimately, however, it is the preservation of knowledge and the transparent approach to their products that makes the Lageders true pioneers.

Photocredits: Daniel Eggert, John McDermott, Thilo Weimar, Gregor-Khuen-Belasir

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