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From Munich to Lana – A trip to South Tyrol

From Munich to Lana – A trip to South Tyrol

Munich to Lana

On the occasion of the appearance of the latest Makers Bible we made a small extra edition and got on an alpine route from Munich to Lana that links heartland Europe to the Mediterranean. We picked some highlights out of the book and lined them up for a wonderful roadtrip. The route was also created and curated in collaboration with Harald Krist from “Volvo Autohaus München”, who enjoys nature, passionated brands and handcrafted products as much as we do. South Tyrol is one of his favorite destinations and so he has given us some highlights and additional insider tips along the way from Munich to Lana.

1 – Hanwag – Vierkirchen

Hanwag claims the Bavarian Alps as its playground, and the Zugspitze, as its basecamp. With a focus on perfect fit, robustness and high-quality materials, all of Hanwag’s footwear is made in Europe.

2 – Völkl – Straubing

The passionate winter sports brand Völkl can look back on more than 90 years of tradition in ski production and, with their main factory in Straubing, is considered one of the last ski manufacturers in Germany.

3 – Racing Atelier – Oberammergau

The Bavarian Alps are a beautiful backdrop to the Racing Atelier workshop and studio, as well as Leander Angerer’s home. In the workshop or out in the field, the atelier creates and shares experiences and expertise that produce excellence.

4 – Geigenbau Leonhardt – Mittenwald

The experience of generations has been passed down to craft these violins, and it can be heard in the sound they make. The founder of Geigenbau Leonhardt, Anton Dietl, was succeeded by his son-in-law Wilfried Leonhardt who, in turn, passed it on to his son, Rainer W. Leonhardt, the current owner.

5 – Unteregger – Mühlbach

Richard Zingerle, the farmer at the Untereggerhof, has come to the goat a few years ago. Since then, Unteregger produces twice the good things from the Alps: cheese and cosmetics, two healthy natural products.

6 – Pedevilla Architekten – Bruneck

Creating spaces that come to life through select materials that offer a look, an experience, and a feeling is what the Makers at Pedevilla have in mind. Located in the South Tyrolean region surrounded by the Alps and the Dolomites, the landscape and regional culture continually influence their work.

7 – Privatbrauerei Antonius – Völs am Schlern

While wine lovers have always been able to find numerous vineyards and varieties of wines in the South Tyrolean region, beer lovers have been left with only modest offerings. Since Antonius has now opened a second brewery in South Tyrol, more beer options are available for those dedicated lovers of hops and barley.

8 – Psenner – Tramin

Three generations of the South Tyrolean Psenner family have dedicated themselves to making Williams brandy. The story began in Tramin with Ludwig Psenner who devoted himself to the art of firing brandy, with attention to detail, passion and spirit.

9 – Kohl – Unterinn am Ritten

Apples, found to grow naturally down in valleys, have taken to ascending the mountain slopes of the Ritten in South Tyrol. Thomas Kohl’s bold step of planting various apple varieties at orchards upwards near 3,500 feet in elevation has produced this delicious mountain climbing fruit.

10 – Pranzegg – Bozen

Martin Gojer exemplifies nature and defining a culture around sustainability. His wines represent the region, the alpine landscape and the uniqueness of each year, and by producing his wines organically, he reveals their true character – courageous, wild, but demanding, the intersection of the Alps and the Mediterranean.

11 – 1477 Reichhalter – Lana

For over half a millennium: This house has breathed balmy and harsh winds, absorbed sunbeams, shielded from wet water and snowflakes, stored in the shadow of clouds with human stories. Resistant and timeless in the center of Lana. Klaus Dissertori and his family as well as Martina and Andreas Heinisch with a team are there for you: breathe and enjoy in the café and restaurant on the ground floor, rest and turn off in one of the eight rooms on the upper floors.

Recommendations by Harald Krist

1 – Gloriette Guesthouse

World citizens, Bozner originals and South Tyrol explorers meet at the Guesthouse for a glass of Pinot Noir or a Moscow Mule. A mixture that has it all.

2 – Schutzhütte Schöne Aussicht

Nice views! A breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. Powerful and refined local food. The trip is well worth it. The panoramic view you have even from the showers and bathrooms.

3 – Sublime

A very special shop, not styled and yet has everything its place and blends into an experience together. High quality leather shoes, fine shirts and denim. Lukas Höller put a lot of heart in here, you can tell immediately.

4 – Weingut Manincor

The wine cellar hidden under the vineyards stands for sustainable and organic viticulture in combination with expressive terroir wines. Try the Pinot Blanc “Réserve della Contessa”

From Munich to Lana - A Makers Bible Trip

Food & Drinks

1 – Bar Alpina
Regional specialties and alpine hospitality.
Rindermarkt 13/14, München

2 – Das Marktrestaurant
Seasonal products from local producers determine the menu.
Dekan-Karl-Platz 21, Mittenwald

3 – Patscheider Hof
For decades there have been excellent South Tyrolean dishes here.
Signat 178, Ritten, Bozen

4 – Gostner Schwaige
A quiet and very fine alpine hut.
Saltriastraße 13, Seis am Schlern

5 – Miil
Art, culture and cuisine.
Gampenstraße 1, Tscherms


6 – Bergisel-Schanze
The tower was designed by Zaha Hadid and offers great views.
Bergiselweg 3, Innsbruck

7 – Winterlanglauf Leutasch
Large cross-country skiing area in front of a breathtaking scenery.

8 – Cascade
Swimming pools, a natural swimming pond, architecture and nature experience.
Industriestr. 2, Sand in Taufers

9 – Meran 2000
The hiking and skiing area.

10 – Panoramalift Meran
A chairlift with fantastic views.


11 – Weingut Pfitscher
Steep positions and straightforward wines.
Dolomitenstrasse 17, Montagna

12 – Pur Südtirol
South Tyrolean specialties to go.
Meran, Lana, Bozen, Bruneck

13 – Kellerei Tramin
Cellar cooperative with Precision and creativity.
Str. del Vino 144, Tramin

14 – Tenuta Alois Lageder
Highest quality wines from biodynamic managed wine farms.
Grafengasse 9, Margreid

15 – Weberei Franz
Products locally produced from the finest natural fibers.
Michael- Pacher- Straße 9, Bruneck