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A city with many faces and as many clichés. But Munich is first of all refreshingly green. The banks of the Isar, the parks and beer gardens never let this concrete jungle feeling of other metropolises come up. Compared to other European cities, the city also has a very high density of educational and cultural institutions. Politically, the state capital has for decades been considered the red stronghold of the otherwise conservative Bavaria, which is mainly due to its employee and working class. If, for once, the Mittlerer Ring proved to be free of traffic jams, the three-quarters of an hour drive into the mountains might actually be sufficient. Munich embodies a livable mixture of tradition and tolerance, hard work and leisure. Cheers to that!


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David “Davo” Phillips is ten when he sits on a bicycle saddle for the first time. The Australian is a bit of a late starter, but a new world opens up for…

In Focus: Gerard Wiener

Gerard Wiener is a legend. For friends of analog photography and classic cameras from Leica, Rollei, Hasselblad or Nikon, his store on Landwehrstraße is a bright fixture. For four decades, Mr. Wiener…

Makers Bible München Annika Schüler Maker´s Bowl
Where to buy?

After being released in mid November, the first edition of the Makers Bible München ” Handgemachte Qualität” is almost sold out. Here is a list of local dealers who still have some…

Detlev Diehm Bespoke

There are many arguments in favor of a tailor-made suit, especially our body. Not symmetrical by nature, subject to a certain amount of change over the years, and anyone who suddenly starts…

Trautmann Schuhwerk

Already in the 7th generation, Martin Trautmann practices the shoemaking handcraft. After his training as an orthopedic shoemaker, he spent years of travel in France, Austria and Australia. Broadening the horizon, improving.…

Ralf’s Fine Garments

Ralf Fischer’s fine feeling for menswear. This is how you could call the assortment of his store. Most of the pieces of the eternal seeker come from manufacturers he knows personally from…

Lea Zapf – Sweet making & baking

Master patissier Lea Zapf has made her dream come true by moving into a typical green shack at the Viktualienmarkt. In the market patisserie she bakes with natural ingredients from the nearest…

Precious time at WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN

In the Fraunhofer Straße, not far from the centre in Munich’s Glockenbachviertel, at number 31 there is a door with lots of bell signs, so that one suspects that this is another…

Julius Brantner
Julius Brantner Brothandwerk

Julius Brantner cares for quality time. Not for himself, but for his bread. Because that is exactly what the son of a baker’s family from the Black Forest gives his bread in…

Munich – Our guide to “Handmade Quality”

Our latest book out of the Makers Bible series. Munich “Handmade Quality” is our latest book out of the Makers Bible series. A compact city guide in pocket book format, which leads…

Gateway into the underworld

Street names reveal much about the former use of the districts. Schwere Reiter-, Lazarett- or Infanterie street give a hint to military bases which were located here. Directly south of it was…

Vivid porcelain – Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg

Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg was founded by the Bavarian royal family 260 years ago. We had the pleasure to visit the traditional workshops.

Ory Bar Munich München Makers Bible
One drink with…Falco Torini. Ory Bar Munich

We visited the Ory Bar in Munich, where we met Falco Torini for a Mai Tai.