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One drink with…Falco Torini. Ory Bar Munich

One drink with…Falco Torini. Ory Bar Munich

Ory Bar Munich München Makers Bible
Ory Bar Munich München Makers Bible

In this new section we present special bartenders and their signature drinks. The first bar we visited was the Ory Bar in Munich, where we met Falco Torini for a Mai Tai.

What is your signature drink and what are its ingredients? How do you get ideas for a new creation?

Our menu consists of a mixture of “real” signature drinks and classics. However, we give each of these classics our own touch on the premise that we don’t remove an ingredient from the classic recipe or add another. In the case of our Mai Tai, it means that we mix a homemade “Orgeat” of roasted almonds, butter, almond milk and sugar with fresh lime juice and orange bitters. Add a 12-year-old Jamaica rum, in which we prepare the mint, which is usually found as a garnish on the classic Mai Tai. This version of the classic Tiki is pure fun for us and represents a lot of what we want to convey in our bar. Serious drinks that you can simply enjoy!

What does the Ory Bar stand for?

As a self-sufficient bar in an exclusive five star house, like the Mandarin Oriental, the Ory Bar has more than many other bars the task and above all the chance to bring people together from various countries and with different resumes.
Of course we stand for creative, uncomplicated and sophisticated drinks. However, the commitment of the entire team to make every evening a special one is our first priority.

Has the taste of the guests changed over the years of your career behind the bar?

I have started my bartender career exactly in the upcoming Gin and Tonic Hype and in the last years I noticed clearly that the guests want to distinguish themselves more and more in their environment by their knowledge about drinks and spirits. The guests who six years ago ordered their very special tonic for the small-batch gin from Hintertupfingen are today often the same people who have also acquired a broad knowledge of cocktails and spirits and have not only become very interested and attentive, but also demanding. In my opinion a good development, which can lead to more quality when used properly by bartenders.

We deal a lot with craftsmanship and manufactories. Are there glasses or bar accessories that make a difference to you?

We attach great importance to beautiful glasses in our bar. Besides our beloved Ripple series by Ferm Living, our wine glasses from the Double Bend series by Mark Thomas stand out in particular. Featherlight, mouth-blown and enormously elegant.

Ory Bar Munich München Makers Bible

Which international bar would you recommend for your next trip?

Prior to the offered drinks or the selection of spirits I always consider the atmosphere and the feeling that stay in mind after an evening in the bar. I have rarely left a bar as floating as with my current colleague Anne Linden in the bar “La Commune” in Paris.

Which drinks are overrated – is there a drink that is underrated?

I hardly like to overestimate drinks. In the end, it has to please the guest and that’s the priority. For me a Gin and Tonic is a fabulous drink in so many ways, but I don’t have to philosophize 10 minutes about which gin to which tonic with which Citrus zest fits best.

What do you prefer to drink personally?

The thing with your favourite drink is similar to the question with your favourite song, since an enormous number of factors play a role. With a good glass of sparkling wine you can always put a smile on my face.

Thanks to Falco Torini, Ory Bar Munich

Photography: Johannes König for Makers Bible