The Good Online Shops

The World’s first printed book on web shops that sell handmade goods online.
A book on online shops? A paradox? We don’t think so.

Who can take part?

For Shop Owners

You are a maker & crafter and market your own products. You are a merchant fond of handmade quality goods and truly sustainable offers. You run your own business whether you did sell online from the start or have just created an online shop during the pandemic when other options ceased to be profitable.

For whom is the book?

For Readers

This new Makers Bible lists carefully curated Online Shops that may be hard to find. It is for those who mistrust the first page results on Google or those who like to purchase outside the usual corporate order platforms.

How do we curate?

Curated Selection

The assortments of goods of these Online Shops are entirely or for the biggest part handmade. The Online Shops shown here also have a pendant in the real world. Their service is human and they do care for sustainable solutions within the manufacturing and/or the purchase and delivery process.


The Details

Approximately 400 pages and between 150 and 200 Online shops listed in approximately 30 categories. Dimensions: 24 x 16 cm; sold worldwide through our Online shop, partner online shops and selected retailers.

The MAKERS BIBLE books have reached a total circulation of 24,000 books, sales have exceeded 21,000 so far.

  • The book will list shops of makers & crafters, retailer whose assortment consists of handmade goods
  • Each online shop is listed by it’s URL
  • Assortments are categorized by use and purpose of the products
  • Each inline shop is given a QR code for easy access on the reader’s smartphone
  • The book will come in English language
  • Shops listed are European and ship within Europe

Be part of The Good Online Shops

Join us!

If you run an online shop and you are interested to be a part of this new book, please fill in the form and send it to us. We will respond shortly to make you an offer.

We will send you an offer and our rate card.

You will get an explanation what photographic material you will need to send. You are only liable to payment after you confirm the offer in writing.

Please use the form or drop us a line:

Makers Bible Team – Michael Schmidt


    Thank You!

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