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Join us with Outville as we make our way to the foothills of the Alps between Lake Constance and Königssee. Take a break at dazzling lakes, stop by beer brewers and distilleries, craftsmen and shopkeepers, serve up Brotzeitbrettl and drop into the feathers of passionate hosts. Use our map, on which all the places, excursion tips and people presented in this book are marked.


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Distilled with love

The Schnitzer distillery is located in the middle of Chiemgau. For almost 100 years, first-class distillates have been produced in the fifth generation and the art of distilling has not only been…

Bernhard Heinloth

About trees and inner values. Bernhard Heinloth is the second managing director at Schotten & Hansen alongside Torben Hansen since 2015. At the Schotten & Hansen manufactory, a different way of working…

Sirch Rodelschlitten

From the tradition of a wainwright’s workshop, the Sirch company has developed over the last 30 years to focus on the production of various wooden goods. The spectrum ranges from wooden packaging…

Michael von Mücke

The greatest hero during his childhood is his grandfather. He was a village blacksmith and farmer. Michael von Mücke decided early on that he wanted to do exactly the same thing as…

Makers Bible on Tour - Ammersee Bodensee
On tour: From Ammersee to Bodensee

We set out with our latest guide in hand to visit makers and crafters from the foothills of the Alps. More precisely, to craftsmen between Allgäu and Lake Constance.Our journey to brilliantly…

Creative Alps

The three B’s of Creative Alps, Jens Badura, Matthias Bunsen and Andreas Bunsen, had to meet almost inevitably. Having set out from different valleys, their routes crossed from time to time on…

A lifelong love affair

It is often coincidences that give life a decisive turn. Ernst Gamperl actually wanted to become a carpenter and then came to woodturning rather by chance. But this marked the beginning of…

The “Gwand”

At the Graseggers, it’s all about the “Gwand”. And that means nothing other than the fact that the fourth generation of the Graseggers is already exclusively concerned with ensuring that buyers not…

Out into the fields of botany

Food, healing powers, protection, buzz – nature has provided people with everything they need to live. This is still the case today. But many of us don’t know the plants in our…

Into the woods

Snow covers the mountains for months, until it all melts in the spring and flows down to the valley. Then the time has come for Christoph Finkel to salvage gnarled mountain timber.…

Matured to perfection

There is no sewing machine in Alexander von Bronewski’s leather manufactory. He sews the seams of his products, almost exclusively made of cognac-colored, vegetable-tanned cowhide, by hand using French waxed thread. This…

A grape mind

A good 200 years ago, wine was grown in the Bavarian Lake Constance region around Lindau. However, in the course of time, fruit cultivation replaced vine cultivation and the winegrowing fell into…

FUNK- Eyewear maker with passion

Welcome to FUNKeyewear in the tranquil village of Kinsau. Here you will find the “Gläserne Brillenmanufaktur”, a center of optics, administrative offices, a warehouse and most importantly, the main factory. There, FUNK…

Turning heads

Handmade traditional hats are worn today for many occasions. The hat is part of the traditional costume and is therefore an expression of identity, for example in traditional folklore groups. Viewed individually,…

Voralpen: Handgemachte Qualität

A guide about Maker & Crafter, retailers, restaurants and accommodations in the foothills of the Alps between Lake Constance and Berchtesgaden. Handmade quality in the foothills of the Alps Join us along…

Hutschn - Makers Bible
Handmade swings by Hutschn

Since each HUTSCHN is made of a different piece of wood, you will always swing on a unique piece. Branches, adhesions and wormholes are natural features of the product and provide a distinctive feel and look.

Makers Bible visiting Racing Atelier
Visiting Racing Atelier

The Racing Atelier is surrounded by a wild front garden, in which all kinds of herbs and some vegetables are cultivated in a small street in Oberammergau.


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After the great start of our new Makers Bible series with the guide Munich “Handmade Quality”, this is already the second guide to makers & crafters, retailers and hosts. This time we are going to the foothills of the Alps, more precisely to the regions between Lake Constance and Berchtesgaden.

Countless books have already described excursion and hiking tips in this particularly scenic region. As a book in the Makers Bible series, this guide to the foothills of the Alps focuses on the people and their products. Away from the clichés, but without leaving them completely out, our guide to handmade quality in the Pre-Alps once again focuses on Makers & Crafters, farmers, restaurateurs and hoteliers whose products and services offer an alternative to the ordinary. Find your next destination, tips on holiday homes and accommodation in the Voralpen and discoveries away from crowded car parks. Look forward to locally sourced and handcrafted delights on your holiday and trip to the Alps.

In our opinion, it’s not only what you consume that matters, but with it, who you consume it from. Products from the Alpine foothills are identification with the people who make and offer them. Whether it’s lederhosen or liver dumplings, once you’ve experienced the real thing, you won’t go for the copy. Handmade quality is the resonance of the human and the result of time, talent and attentiveness and deserves the appreciation of all of us. But first it must be discovered.

In this sense, discover it!