If we can do it for us –
we can also do it for your brand:

Over the last few years we have been respectfully documenting the stories of our Makers. If you happen to run a business you might be in need for brand and (printed or digital) communication design, story-telling, photography or short films.

The team at Makers Bible Production is well aware of the needs of smaller and mid-sized businesses. We can help to apply the right strategy and focus of your communication, create authentic pictures and sharp texts that provide an unmistakable identity.


We show your work in videoclips.
Perfect for presenting you in social media or on any digital device.

Racing Atelier

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Blaudruckerei Koó


We bring together an unique group of entrepreneurs, makers, craftsmen and friends.
People who inspire each other to think about work, life and what comes next.


Outdoor by Ispo

Werksviertel München


We create books,
catalogues & brochures.

Slanted: Speed

Prestel: The Alps

ZS: Rock’N’Soul Kitchen

ZS: Heimat schmeckt am Besten

Prestel: Bookstores


With our pool of photographers and image editors we put the
spot on your passion and your products.

Daniel Sommer

Stefan Braun

Horst Friedrichs

Sylvan Müller

Lars Harmsen


We speak about you and your products in our books,
our online mag and our social media channels.

Don´t hesitate to contact us for any media cooperations.