The Bundle


published by Melville Brand Design
416 & 376 pages, english
2 x hard cover, embossed and embellished
thread binding for longevity in use
24 cm x 16 cm

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The Alps & Human Space. Twice the quality, twice the passion, 202 crafted brands, one price.

Get two books for one lower price. Each edition of the Makers Bible – a manifesto for quality, passion and craftsmanship – features authentic makers and brands that produce the larger part or even the entire product by hand. By doing so they offer manufactured alternatives in consumption that last longer and are more sustainable. Both books carry exceptional place of hospitality and enough sources to enable the reader to become a traveller.

Makers Bible The Alps + Makers Bible Human Space. To complete or to start your collection of Makers Bible.

Get more impressions of The Alps here and of Human Space here.

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