München & Camp Cooking Set by Heldbergs


Publisher: Melville Brand Design

München “Handgemachte Qualität” & Camp Cooking Set by Heldbergs
Language of the book: German
Shipping to Germany, EU and Worldwide

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Camp Cooking Set by Heldbergs & Makers Bible Guide München “Handgemachte Qualität”

This will impress your kids when you are outdoors with them. An enamel pot with cooker to heat instant soup, hot chocolate or coffee. Simply unfold the cooker, heat the fuel that comes with it and, voilá, you can heat about any liquid food or drink there is. Also in the set a knife, a “spork”, a bandana, a wooden stand, that utilizes as a cutting board and matches. All of it comes in a versatile waxed cotton bag.

The Cooking Set arrives with an issue Makers Bible Guide München “Handgemachte Qualität“.

Contents: 1 Book Makers Bible München (german), 1 Tipi-Bag mit Carabiner, 1 Heldbergs Emaille Cup “Camp Vibes”, 1 Breakfast Slat, 1 ESBIT Pcket Cooker, 1 Spork, 1 Taschenfeitel, 1 Heldbergs Bandana, 1 Heldbergs Matches

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