München & Maker’s bowl by Annika Schüler


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München “Handgemachte Qualität” & Maker’s bowl by Annika Schüler
Language of the book: German
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München “Handgemachte Qualität” Guide & The Maker’s bowl, handmade in Munich by Annika Schüler, in a limited edition.

It has a diameter of 16 cm and is a typical cereal bowl. But whether you fill it with snacks or coffee, or collect your keys in it: this bowl is sturdy. It was burned 3 times. The first time at 920 ° (biscuit fire). the dried pieces are slightly compressed during the firing, but are still porous. With this fire, there is no noticeable loss in volume. After this firing, the pieces are glazed and burned again at 1240 °. Now the shards condense and the piece shrinks to its final size. In the last step, the pieces are covered with the porcelain print (hand) and rubbed in place. Gold luster is applied to the edge of the bowl. Both are burned in at 750-800 °. The stamp is scratch-proof and “spoon-proof”. Due to the gold rim, it should not be cleaned in the dishwasher. The bowl comes with a book “Makers Bible Guide – Munich Handmade Quality”. On page 190 you can find the maker Annika Schüler in Makers Bible Guide “Munich – Handmade Quality”.

You will find more about Maker Annika Schüler on Page 190 of the Makers Bible Guide “München Handgemachte Qualität”


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