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Join us on a journey across the Alps, where the climate is still the same but the weather is already better. We want to whet your appetite for South Tyrol’s people, for quality craftsmanship and agricultural products or shops whose product ranges can only be found here. We introduce people who don’t overvalue having and put being in the foreground. And we recommend hosts who radiate Alpine cordiality and dolce vita and who make you feel at home for a while.


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In harmony with nature

Alois Lageder masterfully demonstrates what makes a traditional farm and how to make the transition to the future. For generations, the family has observed nature and the land and correctly interpreted the…


The white marble quarried at Lasa Marmo is literally a piece of South Tyrol for the world. Currently, the most spectacular building made of just this particularly hard marble is located at…

Unteregger Cosmetics - Makers Bible
Whey Cosmetics from the Alps by Unteregger

Natural mountain cosmetics based on goat milk’s whey. Whey is a very useful and valuable byproduct from a dairy. The Product. It sounds like straight out of a business plan. A product produces…

Makers Bible Kohl Bergapfelsäfte
Pure apple delight for gourmets by Kohl Bergapfelsaft

The Product. How do apples do so well at a height of almost 1,000 metres? Apples, found to grow naturally down in valleys, have taken to ascending the mountain slopes of the Ritten…

Munich to Lana
From Munich to Lana – A trip to South Tyrol

On the occasion of the appearance of the latest Makers Bible we made a small extra edition and got on an alpine route from Munich to Lana that links heartland Europe to the Mediterranean. We picked some highlights out of the book and lined them up for a wonderful roadtrip.

Bühelwirt in South Tyrol
„The Alps“ where to stay. Bühelwirt in South Tyrol / Ahrntal

Modern Alpine Architecture. The Bühelwirt in the South Tyrolean Ahrntal is an example of what we had in mind when we decided to include hotels and accommodations in the next edition of the Makers Bible.


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South Tyrol, Italy’s northernmost province, half a million inhabitants, three languages (German, Italian and Ladin), fertile valleys nestled between high mountains. We jump over the Alps and want to make you want to get to know traditional and innovative Maker & Crafters in South Tyrol. In this guide we also focus on the people and their products.

In this book of the Makers Bible series, we want to appreciate handmade products and their makers. We focus on agricultural products or shops whose assortments can only be found there. This book recommends accommodations whose hosts radiate the typical alpine warmth and where you can feel at home for a while.

With our subjective selection, we present South Tyroleans who produce their food and products again or “from now on” in harmony with the environment and holistically according to common sense, for whom “organic” is not a trend but a promise to the next generation.

Last but not least, it is important that travelling, consuming and meeting people is fun! We hope that this book will encourage you to discover a new side of South Tyrol, especially as there are many destinations off the beaten track in addition to the classics.

With this in mind: Discover it!
Your Makers Bible editorial team