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Statement Store – Munich

Statement Store – Munich

An advantage of the big city? F/M/D finds everything. In the Statement Store not only an extraordinary assortment, but also professional advice. Specialty: Japanese denim – the products are all handmade, with incredible attention to detail, but remain absolutely within the price range.

Denim authority Josh Heise founded the Statement Store together with Kay Knipschild in 2014. The latter focuses on ‘true’ denim brands from Japanese manufacturers: Iron Heart, Samurai Jeans, Momotaro, to name just a few. In addition, Sun Surf Hawaii shirts, also faithfully reproduced in Japan. But the denim head will also find US brands like Pendleton, Double RL or Scarti-Lab from Italy.

What doesn’t fit is made to fit. Because most Selvedge denims come in a standard 36 length, they are staked in the store and shortened within 24 hours. Americana and vintage inspired hats, socks and accessories round out the fine assortment.

Oh yes, indigo will rub off. If you get blue socks after wearing in your jeans, you should be happy. About a traditionally made jeans without sandblasters or chemicals. And soon a wash according to your own wearing profile.