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Field Research Trip to Bassano del Grappa

Field Research Trip to Bassano del Grappa

A Tribute to Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa is a goldmine in the heart of Veneto – besides being a cosy city, it’s a great place not only for it’s opportunity to indulge in good foods, spirits and wines but mainly for the people we met and new people we keep meeting with every visit. In the production process of Makers Bible we went there for the first time to meet social media expert and brand consultant Leonardo Nave of Casa & Bottega and store owner Mario Bonamigo who runs Sears. Part of that first experience is available in this short film.

One leads to Another

Thanks to Mario and Leo we met Matteo Zanus a.k.a. Teochef and portraid him In the latest Makers Bible Beetroot & Steel. Matteo had introduced us to Italy’s best spirits distiller Vittorio Capovilla and the famous Grappa distillerie Nardini.

When in Italy – Do as the Italians do

Ditta Bortolo Nardini S.p.a has been on site in Bassano for many generation. Rumour has it that the re-naming of Bassano Veneto into Bassono del Grappa had something to do with it’s owner´s influence of the town’s culture and economic importance. As soon as one enters their aged bar on Ponte Vecchio which is not only the cities main landmark but also on the Nardini bottles’ label one understands easily the importance it still has. Do as we did and sample the delights, especially the Mezzo Mezzo. Later in the evening we visited the fantastic Palazzo delle Misture – the so called absinthe jazz café.

Raw Wine – Sweet Wine Makers

Calalta is a very young winery near Bassano and run by charming Julia and Nicola. Even though they have only turned their grandfathers hobby of wine making into a profession nine years ago they produce already outstanding wines in being extremely concious of their land’s tradition and the ecology aspects to work with the land – rather than exploiting it. We are wishing their plans to turn the main building into a B&B all the luck … because we cannot wait to return. Meanwhile watch the film and sample their wines … for example at Teochef!

Here you can read how everything began: The first time we went to Bassano del Grappa