FUNK- Eyewear maker with passion

Welcome to FUNKeyewear in the tranquil village of Kinsau. Here you will find the “Gläserne Brillenmanufaktur”, a center of optics, administrative offices, a warehouse and most importantly, the main factory. There, FUNK…

Voralpen: Handgemachte Qualität

A guide about Maker & Crafter, retailers, restaurants and accommodations in the foothills of the Alps between Lake Constance and Berchtesgaden. Handmade quality in the foothills of the Alps Join us along…

Julius Brantner
Julius Brantner Brothandwerk

Julius Brantner cares for quality time. Not for himself, but for his bread. Because that is exactly what the son of a baker’s family from the Black Forest gives his bread in…

Gateway into the underworld

Street names reveal much about the former use of the districts. Schwere Reiter-, Lazarett- or Infanterie street give a hint to military bases which were located here. Directly south of it was…

Potted Beats – Udaipur, India

In February we went to Udaipur , also known as the “City of Lakes” (James Bond Octopussy) in the state of Rajasthan in India. During a walk we discovered a whole range…

Über dem Nebel - Luitpoldblock
Panorama – Above the fog

Together with the product designers from OHA, lighting designer Matthias Singer (507nanometer) and the swings by Hutschn from Berchtesgadener Land, we immersed the Tilo Schulz Room in the Luitpoldblock in a sphere…

Makers Bible visiting Racing Atelier
Visiting Racing Atelier

The Racing Atelier is surrounded by a wild front garden, in which all kinds of herbs and some vegetables are cultivated in a small street in Oberammergau.

Feuerring – An all-round success

A blazing fire, conviviality and culinary delights. The Feuerringe of Andreas Reichlin from Immensee are centres for social get-togethers. Before it gets cosy and warm around the ring of fire and you can grill on it, the steel from which the fire rings are made is shaped in a cold state.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class
Manufacturing of the legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The Makers Bibles are manifesti of quality, passion and craftsmanship. These three factors are the criteria that we apply when curating makers and brands for our high-quality books and our web-journal on

Edinburgh Makers Bible
Field Research Trip to Edinburgh

Weekend in Edinburgh. Actually a four-day trip. Ten people in a an airbnb apartment. How did we get here? And why?

Indigo textile dying at Blaudruckerei Koó

Blaudruck is a traditional method of textile dying with indigo. Actually the word printing (Druck) is confusing since the textile is dyed with indigo, not printed.

Bassano del Grappa
Field Research Trip to Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa is a goldmine in the heart of Veneto

Makers Bible Release Party
Beetroot & Steel: The Release Party

Being in the book Makers Bible is supposed to be more than just a presence in the book but being part of a network.

Makers Bible - Walter und Sohn
Wine tasting under supervision

Guido Walter, founder and owner of Weinhandlung Walter & Sohn knows wine by profession and passion, alike.

The Making of Beetroot & Steel

New Makers Bible Beetroot & Steel Edition launches December 17th, 2017.

Mark Lee - Makers Bible
Makers Bible visiting Mark Lee

We were visiting the tattoo artist Mark Lee at his studio TAT2FX in Munich.

Makers Bible - Seil Marschall
Makers Bible visiting Seil Marschall

“Made in Good Old Germany” stands proudly on the label of most Seil Marschall products.

Bassano del Grappa revised

Bassano del Grappa is a rather small city under the foothills of the Italian Alps.