Makers Bible is a carefully curated selection of outstanding Makers and their goods.

Makers Bible – a manifesto for quality, passion and craftsmanship – seeks to value the work of the craftsmen or -women, may it be traditional manufacturers or innovative start-up like entrepreneurs. Makers Bible features authentic makers and brands that produce a large part of, or even their entire product by hand. Makers Bible tells their stories; interesting enough to be repeated by the reader. We call them campfire tales.

Makers Bible is for those who have a preference for “real” products and thus offering alternatives to the mass-produced and the fast-consumed.

What we have done so far.

So far, we have researched, editorial-directed, and produced three editions, of the larger bibles (in English) that feature crafter and maker brands from around the World, dedicated to a certain topic.

The more compact series of books are guides to makers & crafters, hosts and dedicated retailers in certain regions of touristic interest. These guides of “Handgemachte Qualität” are published in German. They lead to people, not to sights.

Our website in its recent format is a service to our readers. Find maker & crafter, find restaurants with a maker ethos, find accommodations with a local pride of place and many handmade qualities. It also is an extensive source of more stories adjacent to our books. Here is also the place to buy our books.

Who we are.

Makers Bible is made by Melville Brand Design. The Makers Bible books, videos, website and social media act as a shop window for the Melville ethos – the books are as painstakingly crafted, and lovingly presented, as any of the artisanal products you’ll find inside. The imagery in photography and video are largely done in-house.

Visit the Melville website to find out more about the services we offer:

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