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The Making of Beetroot & Steel

The Making of Beetroot & Steel

New Makers Bible BEETROOT & STEEL Edition launches December 17th, 2017. Exact eleven months after the launch of our first book. BEETROOT & STEEL revolves around Food and Kitchen and offers a carefully curated selection of raw & crafted premium brands that are grouped in and around the kitchen – or to speak in archaic terms „the fireplace“ – where social activities are most vibrant. Here we show you a little making of.

Production values to value the dedicated makers.

The Makers Bible is curated, edited, designed, produced and distributed by Melville Brand Design. ‘A manifesto for quality, passion and craftsmanship’ is the mission statement that embraced the curation of brands. The result itself reflects state-of-the-art production methods. We have to admit, most steps of the book production are done by machines. However it is still man’s talent and expertise that separates average from excellent: From print at Druckerei Vogl, experts in the treatment and print of natural paper to perfect book binding by Kösel. Paper by Winter & Company embraces 350 pages of Igepa’s Salzer Touch inside natural paper.

What to expect?

Five chapters deal with the pleasures of creating meals, accompanied by beverages such as spirits, wine, beer, mixers and table water. More so snacks, sweets and spices. Dedicated to urban gentlemen there is a lot of fire and a lot of steel in the form of knives and utensils for the work in the kitchen or on the grill. This book, so we hope, enables good moments while cooking in company and enjoying the sharing of a meal.

What you get?

Is 1000 grams hard cover bound stabilized by thread binding, 350 pages of passion for craftsmanship at € 29,90 plus shipment. More so the content of this book wants to provide stories for standing around the fire, ideally with a beer or scotch in hand. Find Beetroot & Steel in our shop (update: sold out – only available as ebook)

We hope you liked our little Making of!

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