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Ultimate Bundle: 3 Books
1144 pages, english
hard cover, embossed and embellished
thread binding for longevity in use
each h 24 cm / w 16 cm

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The Ultimate Bundle: Crafting Cuisine, Human Space (Special Black Edition) & The Alps
Over 1000 pages of quality, passion and craftsmanship.

Crafting Cuisine is for those who love to spend time in the kitchen, cook with hand and heart, try new things and celebrate a consciously prepared meal in good company. This time it is for those who passionately cook and appreciate using the best handmade tools and ingredients. This book shows on 352 pages over 130 makers and crafters.

Human Space is a story-telling book featuring 101 passionate makers and crafted brands in Interior Design and Architecture. This edition serves as a guide for readers who are looking to add the Human Touch to their living spaces and thus seeking sustainable alternatives and inspiration.

The Alps: Many romantic stereotypes pop up when thinking oft he Alps. This book however values the crafter and the maker, exceptional brands derived from an exceptional mentality. The third edition of the MAKERS BIBLE is about passionate makers and their brands from the Alpine region.

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