Voralpen – Handgemachte Qualität

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Publisher Melville Brand Design

Language: German
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Preorder Voralpen „Handgemachte Qualität“. Release May 2021.

A guide about Maker & Crafter, retailers, restaurants and accommodations in the foothills of the Alps between Lake Constance and Berchtesgaden.

Join us along with Outville as we make our way to the foothills of the Alps between Lake Constance and Königssee, pausing at dazzling lakes, stopping by brewers and distilleries, artisans and merchants, serving up bread and dinners, and settling into our feathers with passionate hosts. Servus, Mahlzeit, Prost and bon voyage!

The Makers Bible Guide Voralpen will be published with the beginning of may 2021 in German language. Order now at the special pre-order price and get the new issue immediately after publication.

Get more impressions of the Guide Voralpen “Handgemachte Qualität” here

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