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Wine tasting under supervision

Wine tasting under supervision

Guido Walter, founder and owner of Weinhandlung Walter & Sohn knows wine by profession and passion, alike. As much as the curators of Makers Bible have an idea of what is an interesting brand’s story to be told, when it comes to taste we like a professional opinion.


Makers Bible asked Guido to recommend eight wines that he knows of being done by the winegrower with passion and craftsmanship resulting in wines of outstanding quality (also in relation to their bottle prices’) and that have a raw edge to it.

The assortment of Walter & Sohn, located in Munich’s South East, in Karlsburger Str. 63 focusses on German, Austrian and French wines directly from the vineyard. It’s worth a visit and open from Wednesday through Saturday. Each wine, each vineyard, each label, each grape and each region has a story to tell and you can rest assured, Guido and his friendly and competent team will know and share it. You find their ‘top eight’ also on page 282 in the Makers Bible Beetroot & Steel Edition.

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