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Out into the fields of botany

Out into the fields of botany

Food, healing powers, protection, buzz – nature has provided people with everything they need to live. This is still the case today. But many of us don’t know the plants in our native nature anymore and don’t know how to use them and what they contain.
As a trained herbalist, Sonja Greimel knows exactly what she is teaching about the diverse and often amazing uses of wild herbs in her workshops. She is also the author of the book “Raus in die Botanik” (published by Südwest Verlag).

Wild plants are full of flavor and healing power and some of them contain much more than we are used to from conventional, plant-based foods. Therefore, one should approach the new flavors and ingredients accordingly, according to the motto to try out in small quantities to find one’ s individual herbal dose for oneself.

Do you have to be brave to collect plants and herbs? No, you don’t! No, it lies in our disposition as hunter-gatherers. You should rather be careful and follow a few other principles when collecting plants: Suitable are meadows, wastelands and parks. Provided that they are not dog miles. Only take plants that you can be 100 percent sure of and don’t just walk cross-country, destroying the insects and plants that live there. Nature reserves are taboo, “private” markings are to be respected.

Sonja’s book tells you how to collect and value. The subheading says “the wild plant handbook” and so it offers collecting hacks, recipes, wonderful illustrations, a seasonal collecting calendar and much more. Sonja Greimel has been a communication and creative expert in the sports and outdoor industries for twenty years and is a specialist in sustainability communication.A native of Munich, she has been a trained herbalist since 2011 and offers herbal hikes and workshops, including for the German Alpine Club. Sonja gives a few hacks and tips in our new guide “Voralpen” – Handmade Quality.

Photos: Hans Herbig, Sonja Greimel