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Steel stairways from Frankonia – Spitzbart Treppen

Steel stairways from Frankonia – Spitzbart Treppen

steel stairways spitzbart

steel stairways spitzbart

This 3rd generation, family-run manufacturer of metal workers started bending steel back in the 1970s and still is based in Oberasbach near Nuremberg, Germany today. Spitzbart Treppen and Heavy Metal Interior are the two labels of the stairway manufacturer. “Honest and untreated” surfaces preferably made of heavy steel that are raw, rusty and with a patina, have become their trademark.

We have been visiting their manufacturing plant for steel stairways a few years ago with photographer Daniel Sommer. At that time we had been commissioned to do a brochure for the Frankonia and Munich based stairway manufacturer. In the work shop it truly is a man’s job to weld, bent, cut and assemble those monster steel stairways that are than loaded onto trucks and shipped to their destined locations.

“Cut it” a model that won an award of the the German Steel Council in 2016 was actually constructed to be transported flat. This way, flat and looking like a cut-out off a huge steel sheet many “Cut-it” stairways could be transported at once or the vehicle could be smaller. For the work and curation of “Makers Bible III – The Alps” we visited Nils Holger Moormann’s “berge” –basically a hostel– in which “Cut-it”s were built in and blending in with the half industrial-rustic and half minimalist-design style hostel.

In their Munich gallery, Daniel Spitzbart presents a variety of types of stairs, which, as attractive design elements, ideally fit into the architecture of a house or into any respective home style. This shop advises the seeker comprehensively on the vertical aesthetic that is their speciality. From peppy spindle or spiral staircases, modern nouveau- and laser staircases, sawtooth, and wattle, even handrails, and railings that are coated with fine leather.

Spitzbart Treppen steel stairways are architects’ choices for homes that emphasis their owner’s character by reduction and are soon gaining patina.

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