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Bear Pond Espresso from Tokio

Bear Pond Espresso from Tokio

Bear Pond Espresso Tokio

Katsu Tanaka is Bear Pond Espresso. For coffee lovers a reason to go to Tokyo. More realistically a place for Tokyo lovers to have an world-class espresso.

Katsu had spent 20 years in The US. The last of these years he became passionate about coffee. He trained at Counter Culture Coffee and Gimme Coffee, the first decent espresso and coffee makers beyond Italy. Well, kind of … . When Katsu, in the late 1990ies decided to go back to Japan, his mind was already revolving around opening a “coffee stand with it’s own roaster”. And there he is. Standing firm behind his La Marzocca, adjusting the filter holder, filling it and measuring the brown powder, the sound of the mill, the deep roar of the milk foamer … you get it, you have seen, heard and smelled it.

But still the place, Bear Pond Espresso is something really special. Located in Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa neighborhood it was actually there before the quarter became trendy. Or did the quarter become trendy because of Bear Pond? If you happen to be in Tokyo, take our word for it …. the journey is worth the 30 seconds when you are standing in front of Katsu, place your order and wait for your –preferably but not mandatory– espresso. Katsu Tanaka’s signature is a drop of espresso running down the side of the cup. This is the Angel’s stain. And this is most likely to be the stain on your inner hard drive to remind you of that one cup you had here, for the rest of your coffee-drinking life.

And yes there is a website and shop on it.

If you had enough coffee join us to a wine tasting under supervision!