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Pieces with a Soul – Visiting WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN

Pieces with a Soul – Visiting WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN

Makers Bible visiting WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN

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We have known WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN for many years. In several books we reported on the silversmith in Munich’s Glockenbachviertel. Now we have made a short film about Klaus Lohmeyer’s jewelry label. Because due to the fascination of 100% craftsmanship and the magic of the old foundry, we just had to pay another visit with the camera for our mini-series “Meet-Your-Maker”.

In Fraunhofer Straße, not far from the center in Munich’s Glockenbach district, at number 31 there is a door with many doorbells, so that one suspects it is just another residential building. The old building is inconspicuous, the door massive. If you have never been here before, you feel like an intruder for a short time when you have your hand on the door handle.

If you dare to look behind it, you enter a seemingly forgotten, 150-year-old courtyard. Behind another door, straight ahead, is a former bronze foundry that is still largely in its original condition and now serves as a studio for the jewelry makers of WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN.

While the term “handmade” is used almost inflationarily, the pieces here are actually made from A-Z themselves and by hand. A team of goldsmiths, artists and designers creates jewelry and accessories here. You only discover the fine details when you hold a piece in your hand. Every single part, every clasp, every lock and button is specially developed, manufactured and assembled. The highest precision craftsmanship with traditional, often specially developed tools is the key to a piece of jewelry that combines function, meaning and beauty.

Klaus Lohmeyer is the founder and boss here. After training as a goldsmith and silversmith, Klaus founded WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN in 1996. His motivation: to touch people with timeless yet modern pieces of jewelry that are comfortable to wear.

What matters to Klaus in his employees is not so much their academic degrees or formal training. What counts much more is the ability to work in a team and that he/she has a pleasant personality, the desire to work and to take the initiative, for example, to develop his/her talent through continuous learning.

Over the years, the jewelry creations have been joined by a whole range of leather accessories. Starting with bracelets, belts, purses and bags, all of which are hand-sewn from vegetable leathers tanned especially for WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN.

The workshop is also a show- and salesroom. Open Mon – Fri from 13h, Sat from 11h.

Videography: Johannes König at Melville Brand Design