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Zalto Glas – Handcrafted perfection

Zalto Glas – Handcrafted perfection

The Zalto brand has been created and groomed by the Zalto family, a glass dynasty from Veneto. Six generations ago the family settled in the northern Waldviertel and began producing, in Neunagelberg, a high-quality mouth-blown glass, never before seen. Re-established in Neunagelberg in 2006, Zalto began to specialize in superior, mouth-blown jars with the acquired brands of Zalto and Denk`Art.

Hand Blown

Zalto stands for handcrafted perfection in finest stemware – superior in design and functionality. Each glass is the outcome of 100% elaborate craftsmanship, always produced in line with the commitment to tradition. Perfection is both the foundation for Zalto stemware production and the benchmark for Zalto’s uniquely skilful glass blowers. The demanding handwork resembles the artistry of Venetian renaissance glass artists.

Zalto Glas has been consistently committed to the tradition of offering wine glasses and other libation glasses, to connoisseurs in all of their unusual forms. Zalto hand blown glasses are at the highest level of craftsmanship. 

Clear Chrystal Lead-Free Glass

The hand blown glasses of Zalto not only impress with timeless designs but are all made without the addition of lead oxide and are resistant to turbidity. Despite its thin-walled structure, the Denk`Art series fulfills all the attributes of a modern glass with regard to care and longevity. Denk`Art glasses are dishwasher-safe and have a high level of practicality.


The angles of 24, 48 and 72 degrees used by Zalto are equivalent to the angle of inclination of the Earth. According to written traditions the ancient Greeks and Romans had already recognised using these angles in the production of storage containers enhanced the qualities of the stored goods. Not only did the stored food products remain fresh for longer, they also tasted distinctively better.

A Zalto glass does not come between the drinker and what is drunk.

We believe that the embodiment of this cosmic order contributes towards the characteristics of the Zalto Denk’Art glasses which allow a wine to realize its full character in the nose and on the palate.