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Backpack #1 by Racing Atelier

Backpack #1 by Racing Atelier

Makers Bible visiting Racing Atelier

A product for a lifetime.

Makers Bible visiting Racing Atelier

The Product. Enjoy the simplicity of an item that you use every day. Not the immediate glare of an object, but the patina it shows through years of use. This is the most characteristic feature of a timeless object that can trigger a feeling in us. You keep these things, keep them clean, but do not let them become sterile.

This kind of object is the backpack by Leander Angerer, which he crafts by hand in his “Racing Atelier” in Oberammergau. The most important element in backpack # 1 is leather. The back part and the shoulder straps are made of 5.5mm thick cowhide. By wearing, the quiet thick material fits reliably to the wearer. That takes time and patience. The natural material is combined with the high-tech fiber Dyneema® Composite, which is also used for the production of bullet-proof vests.

The interaction of these two materials creates the functional aesthetic of the backpack. The composition is complemented by specially made aluminum fasteners for securing the backpack cords, a thick Riri zipper for the lid compartment and small details such as the loop for attaching a keychain.

The Brand. The “Racing Atelier” is an old carpentry that Leander converted into his home and workshop. This living and working space reflects Leander in a charming way. Oberammergau is a province, but the product and industrial design of Leander’s Racing Atelier is cosmopolitan.

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Make this backpack your backpack – your fit, your stains, your journey. And do not hesitate to pay Leander a visit the next time you visit the Oberammergau mountains.

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