McNutt of Donegal – Weavers on the edge of Europe

Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg was founded by the Bavarian royal family 260 years ago. We had the pleasure to visit the traditional workshops.

Jeckybeng Makers Bible

Jeckybeng: Go Shit in the Woods

Moritz Lorenz is the mastermind behind Jeckybeng. It was after a trip around the World on which his main objective was to surf the famous spots he had seen in Surf magazines and on Youtube.

nearbees makers bible honey

Act local buy nearBees

Climate change, invasive parasites and the increasing use of pesticides have led to a decline of bees worldwide. As a result, global initiatives and grass roots movements have begun to emerge to preserve bees and raise awareness for the importance of a bee-friendly environment.

Feuerring – An all-round success

A blazing fire, conviviality and culinary delights. The Feuerringe of Andreas Reichlin from Immensee are centres for social get-togethers. Before it gets cosy and warm around the ring of fire and you can grill on it, the steel from which the fire rings are made is shaped in a cold state.

Across the Dolomites

A defiant quest across the Dolomites in brand new mountain mucks.

Wanderers know when to stop. To look around, and smell and feel their surroundings. Montebelluna smelt like pinecone, pancetta and red wine.

Makers Bible - Alpine Küche - Alpine Cuisine - Claudio Del Principe

Alpine Cuisine and its intact world image

Claudio Del Principe, is an autodidactic chef, cookbook author and copywriter. He is a blogger, too and that is how I met him. Some ten years ago.

Hering Berlin

Hering Berlin & Reichenbach Porzellanmanufaktur

Stefanie Hering’s crockery and porcelain creations at Hering Berlin are made entirely by hand with the old know-how and tradition of classic porcelain manufacturers.

Makers Bible Ambassadors: Robert Condin

Makers Bible Ambassadors: Robert Condin

Robert Condin, sculptor from South Tyrol is one of our ambassadors in our latest edition “The Alps”. These ambassadors represent a certain aspect and point of view in our books.

Bear Pond Espresso Tokio

Bear Pond Espresso from Tokio

Katsu Tanaka is Bear Pond Espresso. For coffee lovers a reason to go to Tokyo. More realistically a place for Tokyo lovers to have an world-class espresso.

Brummm Hermann Köpf

Motorious Photographs – BRUMMM maker Hermann Köpf

Motorcycling is a very versatile affair when looking at it as whole. There is one group among the many that is increasingly growing.